Can you Hear me Calling


Screaming, the darkness gasps a shroud cover over the bodies

The panting of expectations echo on the walls

Jamming lies, force fed down dry throats, no taste sweet on the tongue…

Withdrawing from a real sort of fake

The earth shatters, grinding all these hopes to powder with a quake

I hear…

Because… These are great.

Fall Nights in my Life


Night dripped from the horizon, falling slowly with the tears of yellow green eyes

Your anger felt through wisps of wind brushing through bronze hair

And we rode in the night. 

Filled more than half full in negative,

With a mind clear, chanting about how we dont give a fuck.


Because… This was for me. He’s always been a grand writer. I miss that. Any other poets?

So I saw you posted the Dove positive body advertisement... The ironic thing is, is that the company Unilever, owns body Axe products and Dove products. The same company promotes overly-eroticised women with the left hand and faux positive body image with the right hand. It's all just a marketing ploy.

I did not know that. How unfortunate.